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Earthway 2050P Broadcast Spreader

Earthway 2050P Broadcast Spreader
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The Earthway 2050P Broadcast Spreader seeds grass seed and applies fertilizer and all types of lawn & garden granular products. Excellent for use with midsize to large yards this spreader comes fully assembled with full size folding handle with foam grip.
The Earthway 2050P Broadcast Spreader features:
  • Rustproof high volume 1,900 cu. in. capacity hopper
  • 120lb load bearing capacity chassis
  • Rate control setting located high on the handle for precise adjustments
  • Commercial quality gearbox with enclosed gears ensures years of trouble-free use
  • Large 4.10/3.50x10" pneumatic wheels for easy rolling
  • Exclusive Ev-N-Spred 3-hole drop system for even distribution
  • 80lb capacity
    Earthway Number - 2050P
Earthway 2050P Broadcast Spreader
Item Number: C6290118
Price: $129.99
Shipping Weight: 21 lbs
Ships UPS Oversize due to carton dimensions
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The broadcast spreader will also spread ice melt and sand but will not spread rock salt.

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Download the Earthway 2050P Broadcast Spreader Instruction Manual

Customer Reviews
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2-year old Earthway 2050P spreader fell apart
2-year old Earthway 2050P walk-behind spreader and it has already fallen apart. Paid $125 thinking it would last much longer than cheap $50 Scott's spreader at Home Depot, but was WRONG. Both wheels have fallen off, control cable is broken and gear box is jammed. I contacted Earthway about the items 5 year warranty and was told "Only the gearbox would be covered under warranty, if it\\\'s broken, and it's probably not actually broken because they are bulletproof". Needless to say, I WILL NOT be buying another Earthway product. Don't waste your money!!!!
Posted at 8:37:am 12/09/14
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Fave aspect
My favorite aspect on this earthway brodcast spreader is the pneumatic tires. These tires make a huge difference. All my other spreaders would come to a dead stop at every lump or bump with chance for spillage. This spreader just kept on keepin' on.
Posted at 11:08:am 08/12/13
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Earthway 2050P Broadcast Spreader spreader. Good choice for midsize to large yards.
Manufactured by: Earthway
Model: 2050P
Product ID: UPC:052732205093
5 based on 1 reviews
Price: $129.99 New In stock